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Why 825 mph?

825 miles per hour is pretty fast. And we are doing it even as we simply stand here to appreciate this.

We are…

Traveling at 825 mph around our Earth’s axis here in San Jose, California.

Flying around the sun at 67,100 mph on Earth.

Ripping around the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, along with our solar system at 483,000 mph.

Cruising with the Milky Way through our measured expanding space at 1,300,000 mph.

Being right here in San Jose, right now. And, sometimes, taking pictures, capturing light, that traveled at 186,000 miles per second to get here to be recorded.

Mission Statement of 825mph

Appreciate and share beauty that is all around us in and around San Jose, California.

How fast are you moving?

That depends on your latitude. At the equator, where the earth is approximately 24,900 miles around, a person travels those 24,900 miles in the approximately 24 hours of a day that it takes the Earth to spin once. So, miles per hour at the equator is approximately 24,900 miles divided by 24 hours = 1,037.5 mph.

If you find your latitude and get the cosine of your latitude in degrees, you can multiply that number against the speed at the equator to figure out your speed. Your speed will be less the further you are from the equator as the size of the circle you have to travel around in 24 hours decreases all the way to zero at the poles where a person does not travel around the earth, but spins in place.

So, San Jose is a big place and that will affect the exact latitude chosen. If we choose a latitude of 37.3 degrees for a calculation, we can use a calculator to find the cos(37.3) = .795. We then multiply so that .795 x 1,037.5 = 824.8 mph. Depending on the latitude chosen within San Jose, you may get speeds between 824 and 826mph. For San Jose, we are traveling at approximately 825 mph.