In our impossible goal to sample all of the tacos available in San Jose, our family has begun tracking our taco tastings.

Here is our scale for posts about #Tacos:

🌮🌮🌮🌮 = We like these tacos and we want to come back soon
🌮🌮🌮 = We like these tacos and will happily eat them again
🌮🌮 = We would eat these tacos if we were hungry at a party
🌮 = We are not going to eat these tacos again

Our single published taco score will be a composite of our individual scores for the tacos we ate during that visit, though we are each eating different tacos and not necessarily the same kinds from restaurant to restaurant. In other words, this is very unscientific, not necessarily representative of what any one of us actually thought of our own tacos on a particular visit, not necessarily representative of the restaurant in general, and not a good indicator for comparisons.

Basically, we are looking for a fun taco adventure and you should go and try them all yourself. We just decided to make up this whole system to go along with our experience.