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Guadalupe River – You can read this interesting article by Eric Simons here: There were so many references in this article that I looked up online and will now be visiting; such as the Guadalupe River Trail, James Lick Mansion, site of the 2005 discovery of a Mammoth, and the Ulistac Natural Area.

Peralta House – The oldest house in San Jose, an adobe from our early Peublo days, has a very interesting builder, and it’s not Peralta. Read this intriguing article here: . And, go visit the house itself right in the San Pedro Square Market.

First Radio Station in the World – Began in San Jose, California in 1912. You can read more at: .

Orange Sauce – Reviews of the great taqueria sauce invented in San Jose by Quinten Dol here with part two linked below the article: The Great San Jose Orange Sauce Taste-Off (

Lick Observatory – History of relationship and cooperation with San Jose here:

Monument Coming to San Jose – Learn about the monument project coming to San Jose here:

Shellmounds – Learn about a part of our indigenous history here:


Secret San Jose – a book about interesting places to visit in San Jose by Cassie Kifer –

Silicon Alleys – a book of observations and reflections by local writer Gary Singh –

Clyde Arbuckle’s History of San Jose – a book about the history from long time San Jose historian, Clyde Arbuckle, as commissioned by the City of San Jose –

The Ohlone Way – a book about the indigenous people of San Jose and the area by Malcolm Margolin, an excerpt is here:


Poem about San Jose by former Santa Clara County Poet Laureate, Mighty Mike McGee –