Alum Rock Avenue Mural – and… our 500th Post!

34th St and Alum Rock Ave Mural
This mural is at 34th Street and Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose, California. I have not found out who painted it yet.

My youngest and I had a good morning taking photos together and adventuring. I’ll post some of those photos the youngest took in the future.

As for now…

This is the 500th post here on!

And now, we are going to take a break.

Not sure for how long but we are going to disconnect from the digital world for a bit. We plan to keep adventuring, exploring San Jose and the surrounding area, and taking photos. We are just not going to be posting for a while. It’s time for a break. Breaks are the best way to provide space to contemplate. And it is time for some more contemplation.

Native Plant Garden at Lake Cunningham

Lake Cunningham Park in San Jose has many great reasons to visit. One is to find and walk around the Native Plant Garden. ( While you are there you may also enjoy the largest skate park in California, BMX bike park, water park with water slides and lazy river, playgrounds, paths, and so on.

Lake Cunningham Native Plant Garden
Path through the Native Plant Garden.
Lake Cunningham Native Plant Garden
Looks like a heart 🙂
Lake Cunningham Native Plant Garden
Looking over the lake towards the water slides.

Church Mosaic

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe mosaic

This mosaic was made in 1967 for a planned community center that never was built. The mural found a home at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in San Jose where Robert Kennedy attended mass with Cesar Chavez in 1968. The glass mural is called ‘Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe’ by Katherine Oppenheimer, Marie Hutton, and Lois Cronemiller.

Mural at the Pink Elephant Market

408 Mural

Ok, it’s no longer called the Pink Elephant. Though one of the Pink Elephant signs is still up, the rest of the signs are replaced with the new market’s name. There is a Pink Elephant Bakery still in business across the street. This grocery store is where my grandpa worked when I was little. Now, the side of the grocery store has this “Zona Rosa” mural on it by artist Aaron De La Cruz. (