View from the Train

View from Train

I think of this view as rare though there are lots of similar views over freeways in San Jose. The rarity is that this particular view from this particular bridge only comes to you on a train.

The Box on Mt. Umunhum

The Box on Mt. Umunhum
The Box on Mt. Umunhum

All cleaned up. Can not go inside still, but you can touch it now. It’s no longer behind all of the barrier fencing that had been up for quite a while. Same great views of the valley and a new paint job for the box.

Colorful Pipes

Downtown Utility Pipes

If you have to have pipes anyway, why not make them colorful? You can make the world a little better wherever you are. That’s what some people in downtown San Jose think. You can find these colorful and functional pipes on Third Street.

Dancing Pig

Pure Pork Sign

Possibly the most popular neon sign in San Jose is this one for a company that has not been active for years. The beloved sign, however, with its dancing neon light pig has been preserved.