Rock on a Hill

Rock on a hill

Looking east over south San Jose. I imagine this rock being a meeting place for thousands of years. Meet for a picnic, meet for a date, meet to chat while the kids play. It looks like it is calling out to have people meet around it.

Hike with the Clouds

Rancho San Vicente Open Space Preserve, a Calero County Park Entrance

These photos were taken on a calming hike in the Rancho San Vicente Open Space Preserve, one part of Calero, a Santa Clara County Park. This is in the rural area of south San Jose. The photo above is looking north towards the more populated urban areas of the city off in the distance.

Rancho San Vicente Open Space Preserve, a Calero County Park Entrance

Guadalupe Creek Trail

Guadalupe Creek Trail

Looking east towards the Diablo Mountain Range from the Guadalupe Creek Trail in San Jose as the sun goes down behind us. Actually, as the sun falls back behind us in our travels. Standing here, in San Jose, looking east, we are traveling at 825 miles per hour towards that sky just beyond the horizon. The sky, stars, and sun all flying by as we spin around the earth’s axis. I imagine it like we are in a convertible going straight ahead to the east and the sky above is flying towards us and over us, then lost behind us over that west horizon until we complete our circle and come back around to here in 24 hours. Want to know how fast you are traveling when you stand in the place where you are? You can find out by reading this linked page of this website.

Eclipse – The Moon and the Sun in our Space

10/14/2023 Eclipse from San Jose

The eclipse on October 14th, 2023 as seen from San Jose, California. This photo was taken soon after the maximum coverage as seen from San Jose through a protective film over the camera lens.

Somehow, when they are lined up like this, it makes it easier to imagine these giant balls floating in space, suspended from all sides by their gravity in relation to space and to earth and myself. I know they are always floating like this, though the alignment makes it more real to my mind, placing them in relation to each other, the sun and moon, making their shared presence in the same sky less abstract. Instead of two circles in the sky as I often sense them; like this, it is easier to sense these giant spheres as very real worlds, more than circles, right out there in our neighborhood of space.