Alum Rock Avenue Mural – and… our 500th Post!

34th St and Alum Rock Ave Mural
This mural is at 34th Street and Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose, California. I have not found out who painted it yet.

My youngest and I had a good morning taking photos together and adventuring. I’ll post some of those photos the youngest took in the future.

As for now…

This is the 500th post here on!

And now, we are going to take a break.

Not sure for how long but we are going to disconnect from the digital world for a bit. We plan to keep adventuring, exploring San Jose and the surrounding area, and taking photos. We are just not going to be posting for a while. It’s time for a break. Breaks are the best way to provide space to contemplate. And it is time for some more contemplation.