Bright Murals

Mural by Yoshi47

This mural is by Japanese artist yoshi47 ( That’s a big smile. And then you enjoy the close up shaggy fur and look deep in their eyes.

Mural by Yoshi47
Mural by Yoshi47 and Wabi Sabi Sunset Mural by A. Schoultz

The mural is next to another mural called Wabi Sabi Sunset by artist Andrew Shoultz . Here is a close up of the inviting colors and lines.

Wabi Sabi Sunset Mural by A. Schoultz

These murals go well together, using bright colors and making something big from smaller repetitive lines that are themselves beautiful to consume and contemplate.

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  1. Oh, goodness, that big blue shaggy guy is awesome! He just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing him… I want him on the side of the barn – wouldn’t he look cute there?

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