Burrito Factory – #Tacos

Burrito Factory

Burrito Factory Restaurant at 124 Blossom Hill Rd., Ste A, San Jose, CA 95123

The Burrito Factory has been around for a while and is a pretty good go to for burritos, as you might guess from the name. Well, how about tacos? We went to what I sometimes refer to as the “big burrito factory” meaning the one with more seating. It’s also the one that makes Mexican Coffee during the breakfast hours as they don’t all do so.

Burrito Factory
Al pastor and asada with cheese tacos.

Today we sampled al pastor, asada and cheese, and tacos de papa. It was a beautiful day and we sat outside. Here are some of the comments:

– I like the tortillas for my taco, they were a perfect balance between toasty and soft. Food good, salsa has some heat, the ones we chose anyway. The orange sauce here is a hot one. Nice day for sitting outside.
– Good tacos.
– Outdoor seating was fantastic, nice breeze. Music playing. The tacos de papa, with cabbage, queso y crema were good; not too flavorful. I added a squeeze of lime and tried their orange sauce and their red, both hot and good flavor.
– Meh

Burrito Factory
Vegetarian tacos de papas.

Overall we were satisfied with the tacos and the experience. Personally, I can see myself occasionally ordering tacos here though I am far more likely to order burritos, especially chili verde or chorizo breakfast burritos.

Combined taco score for Burrito Factory = 🌮🌮🌮

(Taco scale info link)