Christmas Lights

What an interesting year. Because of the pandemic, the annual Christmas in the Park event in San Jose could not occur as usual. Instead, for the first time ever, they decided to make it a drive through event and so moved it over to History Park in San Jose so that cars could wind their way through the event. They added more lights to make it more appealing to what you could see from your car and then put up a temporary radio station to tune into so that you could enjoy the light show as lights throughout the entire event were set and timed to the music.

What did my children think about this temporary modified version of an annual tradition? No rides for them to go on. No ice skating out in the open of downtown. No hot chocolate vendors.

They LOVED it! All of us were amazed. It was soooooo well done!! The music, the lights, the novelty… all of the effort really paid off. It was a wonderful experience. The kids loved it so much they spent the drive home suggesting that this be included as part of the annual Christmas in the Park event. They were that impressed. Well done!

The pictures simply do not capture anything of the magic of being there. Still, here are a couple to help communicate the difference.

Christmas Lights
Lights everywhere and the traditional displays we are all used to seeing at Christmas in the Park were still all around to enjoy.
Christmas Lights
This light tunnel was THE BEST light experience. The lights were moving left, right, forward, and back in awesome patterns and color changes coordinated to the music. It was superb!
Christmas Lights
This is Plaza de César Chávez, where Christmas in the Park usually is. Since we could not have all of the displays and event there during the pandemic, the park was still decorated with lights to give us all something to appreciate when we go by it.
Christmas Lights
Saint Joseph Cathedral, across the street from Plaza de César Chávez, got into the light show with changing effects and images projected on to the building. They were neat to watch change.

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  1. That is so pretty. I remember visiting Utah one year and taking all 5 of the grands to the drive-thru Christmas light show at Thanksgiving Point….music and Christmas lights always make me happy. They all agreed that it was the best activity.

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