El Amigo Restaurant – #Tacos

El Amigo Restaurant

El Amigo Restaurant at 7090 Santa Teresa Blvd., San Jose, CA 95139

This taco experience was enjoyed by two adults and two children, as well as the company of friends who ordered other items from the menu. While there is an indoor dining area to this well decorated restaurant, the outdoor area is so inviting with roof covered sections, shaded sections, and sunny sections, that I think it would be difficult to pass on the outdoor eating experience here. Tacos ordered on this day were asada con queso, tacos de papa, hard shell tacos with chicken and cheese, and fish tacos.

El Amigo Restaurant

Notes from this taco tasting included:
– Delicious!!!!
– Good. Simple papa lettuce & tomato. Served with rice & beans. Some salsa adds lots of flavor.
– Not bad.
– Great outdoor eating, friendly people working here, and I’ve eaten many things here over the years and they were good. The fish tacos today did not impress me as much as other food here has, though I still ate all of my tacos. Also, from experience, I can say their asada tacos here are great.

El Amigo Restaurant

Combined taco score for El Amigo = 🌮🌮🌮

(Taco scale info link)

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