El Jalapeño Rojo Taqueria – #Tacos

El Jalapeño Rojo

El Jalapeño Rojo taqueria at 400 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95110

You know when a taco just hits the spot? Yeah, that’s what these tacos do. This place has a small outdoor seating area and a drive through that never stops as cars seems to always be here. And the tacos are delicious.

Earlier on in the making of this blog, my oldest child and I were out on scooters looking at murals when we stopped here. The oldest said this was their new favorite taqueria. We’ve gone back a few times and I have always enjoyed my food.

El Jalapeño Rojo

The flavor is excellent. The juiciness of the ingredients and toastiness of the tortilla are perfect so that the tacos are not falling apart or doughy. The salsa on the tacos is full of flavor. There was nothing not to love about these.

El Jalapeño Rojo
Carnitas tacos

On this day, four of us including two children and two adults sampled veggie tacos, asada and cheese tacos, and carnitas tacos. The comments recorded included:

– Loaded, lots of lettuce, big chunks of tomato, rice beans & cheese. Good salsa.
– Pretty good
– These tacos hit the spot! So good and exactly what I wanted right now. The tacos were well seasoned, perfectly balanced in meat and toppings, just so good. The green and the red salsa sauce are both delicious. Good flavor. Outdoor seating is nicely shaded with flowers around. A constant stream of cars come by through the drive through. I look forward to coming back. Yum!
-I liked my horchata

El Jalapeño Rojo
Veggie tacos
El Jalapeño Rojo
These asada and cheese only tacos are “off menu” as the children find these two ingredients to make their favorite tacos.

Net result? A delicious set of tacos, again!

Combined taco score for El Jalapeño Rojo = 🌮🌮🌮🌮
(Taco scale info link)