Exchange Painting

Walking along the street, I spotted the painting in a lobby. It is called “Exchange” by Philip Buller. It is large. I enjoyed the feelings and the path my mind took looking at it. The gentleman at the lobby desk was friendly, too, as I spent several minutes taking it in up close and chatting with him about others who have stopped to appreciate it.

I don’t know who wrote the plaque that accompanied the painting in the lobby, but there was a poetry to it. The commission was to produce a work of art about commerce. The author of the plaque wrote, “Commerce, on its most basic and beneficent level, is the service of others through exchange.”

The “service of others through exchange.” A new perspective I will play with when I exchange. It makes me smile to think this way when purchasing groceries or a cup of coffee. It makes me smile to inact commerce “on its most basic and beneficent level.”