Hands at the Airport

San Jose Airport Hands

When you drive by the San Jose Airport you will see more than 50 hands of Silicon Valley residents waving hello and goodbye and raising to the sky on the mural called Hands.

Whose hands were used for this art?: “Participating community members represent a spectrum of the South Bay’s population, including a tamale maker and a surgeon, teachers and students, technologists and construction workers, musicians and poets, parents and children, police officers and fire fighters.” (https://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/networks-and-councils/public-art-network/public-art-year-in-review-database/hands)

San Jose Airport Hands

Artist Christian Moeller designed the mural on the parking garage that is constructed of hundreds of thousands of plastic pixels affixed to a metal fence hung on the parking garage. (https://christianmoeller.com/Hands-1)

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