Hummingbird at the end of a beautiful day

In the summer, San Jose, California and the surrounding area have a variety of hummingbirds flying about. By this time of year in winter, all of the hummingbirds have migrated from San Jose except the female Anna hummingbirds and their children. The males migrate along with the other hummingbird species.

By the way, hummingbirds are something I grew up appreciating as special. I assumed everyone did because they are so incredibly cool and beautiful and they hover like helicopters but then shoot off in multiple directions so quickly in all plaines, sometimes an inch in a direction or three and sometimes many feet. They are fast! And their wings are faster. I learned that hummingbirds are only native to the Americas. Wow. I assumed every child, even those that were not nature lovers had grown up with this in common, among other things, that we notice hummingbirds as special and point them out whenever we see them. Apparently that possibility is only available to North Americans and South Americans. Once again, I was wrong. How much have I deceived myself in my limited time on Earth?! Well, I love learning and growing as a person. I am still assuming that butterflies and rainbows are pointed out and cause excitement everywhere on Earth, though.

In this photo is an Anna hummingbird taking a break. Before the lock down I would see these once in a while. Now, as a homebody who goes outside a lot, I see at least one hummingbird nearly every day. That is not an exaggeration. I mean that in the last 10 months I have seen a hummingbird at least 6 days of every week and usually on all 7 days. It helps to be near flowers that hummingbirds like and to have plenty of time to sit and enjoy the outdoors, even when that outdoor time includes doing work remotely.

And the best part about seeing these hummingbirds is… I have been excited every. single. time.