Olla Restaurant – #Tacos

Olla Mexican Restaurant

Olla Restaurant at 17 N. San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110

Olla Mexican Restaurant
Olla Mexican Restaurant

There were three of us, two young ones and an adult who went this day to sample some tacos at Olla on San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose. The outdoor seating looked great and so did the interior seating with large open service garage style doors letting the fresh and perfect air into the restaurant. There was art all around and the colors were bright and inviting. There was plenty to look at and to take in.

Olla Mexican Restaurant

Types of tacos sampled were birria beef with cheese tacos and fish tacos. Comments included:
– Delicious, you will not regret getting the beef.
The beef looked like pulled pork, lol.
– The fish was nice and crispy and the tortilla texture was like a good homemade corn tortilla. There were attractive colors in the taco as well as in the art everywhere. Maybe a bit more chili spice would be good but overall, quite satisfying. I also tasted the birria and it was delicious.

The experience was good here. The food was good, the environment was good. Even the thick heavy glasses for water were satisfying to drink from. We had a good time.

Combined taco score for Olla = 🌮🌮🌮
(Taco scale info link)

Olla Mexican Restaurant

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