San Jose Facts

Comandante Moraga, under orders of the Spanish Governor of California, Felipe de Neve, gathered settlers to establish the first California pueblo. It would become the first non-native civil settlement in all of California. Prior to it, all non-native settlements had been either military posts such as the nearby presidios in San Francisco and Monterey to maintain control, or Mission settlements such as the nearby missions in San Francisco and Santa Clara to provide food and to subjugate the natives . Moraga selected 14 families and one single man totaling 66 women, men, and children, from the San Francisco and Monterey settlements. These 66 settlers founded Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe on November 29, 1777 along the Guadalupe River. Today, their pueblo is known as San Jose.

Source: Clyde Arbuckle’s history of San José, book by Clyde Arbuckle, 1986, page 10.