South Market Street Murals

The more I look at these photos I have been taking and the art around the city that I have been finding, I wonder if San Jose is becoming one of the most colorful cities. These photos here are all taken from essentially one spot on the side of the road. There is so much color and when I think I have found one splash I look around to find so much more.

Okay, this one above has no mural like the others in this post, but I find it dramatic and attractive and… so different than what I saw as a child in San Jose.

And this one above, the whole building turned to art with glass and paint.

So much talent and color in San Jose. Sometimes subtle, especially when passing by in a car, sometimes dramatic, and so often beautiful to “discover” when looking out the car window or walking through town. Even subconsciously, I wonder how much the happiness of people here has gone up as this wave of art has expanded throughout our city. I wonder how much more color we will see in the years to come. How cool that it’s not just the architecture adding to our city views.