Wise Words in Wire

Wire art

I love this! For several reasons.

1) These are true wise words.
2) How cool to find these words just floating about in San Jose?!
3) I happened upon this work of art while exploring Downtown San Jose with my children and I was so happy to share this with them. Why, in addition to being lovely and wonderful was I so happy? Well, …

This is art by wire bending artist Spenser Little. I had only ever seen his work in photos though I know several of his pieces, some as words and some as wire pictures, had gone up as public art in the area. Sadly, I was told, that his public art pieces tend to get stolen rather quickly and that is why I had been unable to see the ones that I had learned of. That makes me sad but it makes me happy that he continues to put up public works. And so, you can imagine my great surprise and happiness when all of a sudden I happen to notice these words floating in the sky while exploring with my children, words of wisdom crafted by the bending of a single continuous piece of wire. And I tell you, the joy of discovering new art is a wonderful feeling!

Thanks for making my day, Spenser Little.